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Beaches that Beckon in Jaffna


A tremendous part of the allure of a trip to beautiful Jaffna is its attractive beaches. Coupled with the absolutely gorgeous weather that blesses the peninsula almost all year round, Jaffna becomes irresistible as a holiday destination to the avid traveller. Probably one of the most famous beaches in the north of Sri Lanka is Casuarina Beach. Deriving its name from the surrounding casuarina trees that gently sway in the refreshing breeze, the sea is calm and shallow, inviting any

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Release Your Stresses at The Thinnai


Jaffna does not yield just a fun and entertaining holiday for travelers anymore. With the advent of ‘The Thinnai’, a new All Suite Boutique Hotel in the city, holidaymakers can also enjoy a de-stressing experience unlike any other. The Thinnai has proven already that its objective is to take guest experiences to another level. The hotel has its own Farmhouse located just 15 minutes away in Chunnakkam where it grows its own organic vegetables and fruits on an area spanning

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The Essence of a Perfect Holiday


Jaffna in the New Year holds the promise of an excellent time. The town is abuzz with activity and new developments, which makes for a gloriously relaxing holiday. Along these lines, The Thinnai, an All Suite Boutique Hotel is the rave in Jaffna now, as the hotel is unique in its own right, offering guests the opportunity to veer away from the usual leisure activities and indulge in something new and exciting. The hotel has its own organic farm situated

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Preparing a Dish of Perfection


On a visit to Jaffna this year, it was heartening to perceive the changes that had blessed Sri Lanka’s North, among them the boom in tourism with top-notch establishments catering to travelers having been established. One such hotel was The Thinnai, an All Suite Boutique Hotel that celebrates the essence of the North with its apt slogan ‘Rest, Relax, Reunite’. A beautiful place with hospitable people, the hotel is very unlike any other of its kind. While any traveler is

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Making Maha Shivaratri Unforgettable in Jaffna


Another Hindu festival celebrated by the Tamils in Sri Lanka, Maha Shivaratri honors God Shiva and literally means ‘The Great Night of Shiva’. Usually celebrated in February or March, the festival marks the overcoming of ‘darkness and remembrance’ in the world and in life. The day is spent in fasting, prayer, meditation and other such activities, where devotees stay awake at night in a vigil that honors God Shiva. Maha Shivaratri is unlike other Hindu festivals and does not include

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Sustainable Efforts At the Thinnai Organic Farm

Thinnai Organic Farm

On a recent visit to The Thinnai, a new All Suite Boutique Hotel in Jaffna in the North of Sri Lanka, it was a pleasant surprise to be informed about the option of visiting the hotel’s own organic farm. The visit to the farm that can be reached in about 15 minutes from the hotel was a splendid experience. The landscape is the epitome of tranquility, celebrating all that is natural and giving back to the Mother Earth, rather than

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A Touch of Flora and a little bit more, at The Thinnai

A Touch of Flora

What a wonderfully blissful place Jaffna is! With each visit to Sri Lanka’s North, one is even more amazed at the positive differences to be experienced and enjoyed. One such novelty came with a visit to The Thinnai- a new All Suite Boutique Hotel, which commenced operations mid 2017. Speaking to the very hospitable Front Office Staff revealed a great deal of information. They knew exactly where the most visited tourist attractions were and what would best entertain a repeat

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Customs and Colors of Jaffna Weddings


Staying at one of the newest hotels in Jaffna- The Thinnai All Suite Boutique Hotel, one is witness to some lovely customs and rituals observed by the Jaffna Tamils. One such event is a Hindu Wedding. The hotel boasts of an excellent Banquet Hall that can accommodate 200 guests, and it really is one of the better options for a memorable wedding. The staff is attentive and the food, divine! Weddings in Jaffna are a colorful affair with the ladies

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When in Jaffna…


The best way to fit in and have some fun while on holiday is to dress like the locals do, and the people of Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka have a distinct style that is elegant and colorful at the same time. Stay at The Thinnai All Suite Boutique Hotel and you’ll see this firsthand. The new hotel has a homely atmosphere and celebrates the spirit of Jaffna, so you’ll get to step out and see many people form all

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The True Taste of Jaffna


Embark on an expedition of taste that remains true to a proud heritage of culinary skill. The Thinnai finds great joy in creating dishes that are masterpieces for the palate. We scour the oceans for its freshest bounty from crabs to prawns and varieties of fish cooked to succulent perfection, and source the latest and healthiest produce to complement our dishes. Mouthwatering curries prepared with aromatic spices that epitomize the versatility of Jaffna’s cuisine, along with South and North Indian

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