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Customs and Colors of Jaffna Weddings


Staying at one of the newest hotels in Jaffna- The Thinnai All Suite Boutique Hotel, one is witness to some lovely customs and rituals observed by the Jaffna Tamils. One such event is a Hindu Wedding. The hotel boasts of an excellent Banquet Hall that can accommodate 200 guests, and it really is one of the better options for a memorable wedding. The staff is attentive and the food, divine! Weddings in Jaffna are a colorful affair with the ladies

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When in Jaffna…


The best way to fit in and have some fun while on holiday is to dress like the locals do, and the people of Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka have a distinct style that is elegant and colorful at the same time. Stay at The Thinnai All Suite Boutique Hotel and you’ll see this firsthand. The new hotel has a homely atmosphere and celebrates the spirit of Jaffna, so you’ll get to step out and see many people form all

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The True Taste of Jaffna


Embark on an expedition of taste that remains true to a proud heritage of culinary skill. The Thinnai finds great joy in creating dishes that are masterpieces for the palate. We scour the oceans for its freshest bounty from crabs to prawns and varieties of fish cooked to succulent perfection, and source the latest and healthiest produce to complement our dishes. Mouthwatering curries prepared with aromatic spices that epitomize the versatility of Jaffna’s cuisine, along with South and North Indian

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Jaffna for the ‘Artsy’ Traveler


The north of Sri Lanka- the Jaffna Peninsula, is a riot of culture and tradition. The beautiful city is well on its way to transforming itself for the better on the back of a long civil conflict that destroyed and damaged cherished buildings and artifacts, in addition to taking many lives. However, the resilience of the people of Jaffna shines through, as always. If you are ever lucky enough to visit this unique place in the island, make the most

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Head to Jaffna for Deepavali 2017


Deepavali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, is celebrated on a grand scale in Jaffna. The Northern city in Sri Lanka is home to the largest Hindu Tamil population in the country who eagerly await the festivities associated with the colorful festival each year. This year, Deepavali is on 18th October. Originally a festival that followed the summer harvest in India, in Hinduism, Deepavali is a celebration of the triumph of Light over Darkness, Good over Evil, Knowledge over Ignorance and

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Experiencing The Thinnai At Its Best


Jaffna is a wonderful place for the discerning traveler. If there’s any place in the world that would totally gratify and intrigue the holidaymaker, it would be Jaffna. Recent visits to the area in Sri Lanka’s north yielded some surprises. The place is booming post-war, and now a number of new establishments have come up, among them, beautiful new hotels. The Thinnai stands out from the pack- it is an All-Suite Boutique Hotel that aims to give every guest the

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A Memorable Trip to Jaffna this September


For all who love a good vacation with a touch of color and culture, Jaffna should very well be on your Sri Lankan travel itinerary this September. Not only is there the sun, sand and surf to enjoy, but also a rich culture of historic significance and pious worship. Jaffna is a predominantly Hindu area in the island’s north and is home to many Hindu temples known as ‘Kovils’. There are many festivals celebrated throughout the year in these kovils,

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More reasons to stay at The Thinnai Boutique Hotel


The Thinnai is a firm favorite among travelers to Jaffna who are looking for a great place to stay with every comfort at hand. The All Suite Boutique Hotel is a new addition to Jaffna’s hospitality industry this year and has already drawn guests who value quality service, a homely atmosphere and the best in meals. The Thinnai is also a super place to hang out with friends over some delicious drinks and tasty eats- The Thulaa Café provides the

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Semman: Helping Artisan Communities in Jaffna


Jaffna is a beautiful city in the north of Sri Lanka that is home to a large part of the Tamil community in the island. Many former residents of the area have returned for resettlement following the end of a long civil conflict and Jaffna is undergoing large-scale development and rejuvenation. In this vein, it is extremely fitting that a new Boutique Hotel in Jaffna, The Thinnai, has taken an admirable step in the right direction. The hotel has engaged

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A Blessed August in Sri Lanka’s North and East


Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka is known for its Hindu people and their unwavering faith. It is probably this faith that carried them through the Civil Unrest that spanned three decades in the North and East of Sri Lanka. Thankfully, now the entire country is enjoying peace and a boost in development, and in this arena Jaffna is holding its own. The temples in Sri Lanka’s North and East are a sight to behold- full of life, color and voices

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