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Explore Jaffna from The Thinnai


Obviously, if you are traveling to Jaffna in Sri Lanka’s north, you would include sightseeing on your agenda. However, if your time is precious and you want to experience the best of the city in a short amount of time, you will definitely require support in organizing your travels. That is why a stay at The Thinnai is a worthwhile opportunity in every sense of the word. This is a new, All Suite Boutique Hotel in Jaffna that caters to

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Devote some time to the Kathirkamam Kovil Festival in Sri Lanka


Is Sri Lanka on your list of Summer Vacation destinations? It should be! Not only is the island the perfect blend of Sun, Sand and Sea, but also offers travellers the other ‘C’ that should be included- Culture. The beautiful country is home to diverse races and religions and as a result, it is a melting pot of different and very unique cultures. If you’re heading to Sri Lanka in July, then you’re in luck, because there are a few

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The Awe-Inspiring Kokkadicholai Thanthamalai Sri Murugan Kovil Festival


The Kokkadicholai Thanthimalai Sri Murugan Temple is built on the site that is believed to be the place where God Kandan first set foot in Sri Lanka, when he sailed to the island after completing a war against a demon. The temple can be found along the border of the East Coast of Sri Lanka and it stands on 100 acres of land that include jungles, mountains and the beach. The temple is beautifully complete with accommodation halls, wells, toilets

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Take that Sweet Tooth to Jaffna


Who says Jaffna is only about the spices? There’s no better place to indulge that sweet tooth, other than Jaffna at the northern end of Sri Lanka. The desserts of Jaffna combine the sweetest of flavors mixing milk, coconut, honey, and a host of tastes that send your palate to seventh heaven! When visiting this lovely city, you may find the food to be quite spicy- the Jaffna Tamils love their crab curries, mutton curries and so on, so their

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Enjoying Jaffna With The Kids


You’re in the sunny isle of Sri Lanka and wondering what to do and where to go- activities and places which make the entire family happy, mostly the kids. After all, there’s no denying that the little ones usually define the outcome of our vacations! So, one of your best bets with the family would be to travel to Jaffna, Sri Lanka’s northernmost city, by train. While some prefer to make the 396 Km journey from Colombo by air, the

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Nallur Festivities in Jaffna


Many consider Jaffna’s most famous landmark to be the Nallur Kovil, so much so that the city is synonymous with the name of the Hindu Temple. The Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil stands in the town of Nallur, and although the temple has shifted throughout the town during various times in Jaffna’s political history, the first temple is said to be have been built in 948 AD at Kurukkal Valavu. If you’re visiting the historic town of Jaffna in August, then you’re

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Take a ‘Green’ Holiday in Jaffna


One cannot emphasize enough, the need to reduce our carbon footprint in all that we do as citizens of Mother Earth, even when holidaying. Not every holiday service provider out there worries about giving back and preserving the environment. Sadly, now many businesses value profit over preservation. Happily though, there are a few businesses that operate with a conscience, and you’ll find such a place on your travels to Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka. The Thinnai is a partially opened

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Unparalleled Dining at ‘The Thinnai’


The staff at The Thinnai in Jaffna, simply know how to keep their guests happy. The partially opened All Suite Boutique Hotel is already making waves among tourists and travelers, and one of the main reasons why guests are happy to stay at the hotel is that the food they serve is absolutely divine! Chef Pushpendran, the Head Chef, is well experienced in the trade. While Jaffna cuisine is known for its spice and punch, he ensures that the dishes

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Extra Reasons to Stay at ‘The Thinnai’


As travelers, we always look for the most we can get with the money we have set aside for vacations. Every saving is welcome, not because we’re frugal, but because the best vacations are those on which you get the best out of what you do spend. To this end, a stay at The Thinnai in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, is like an answered prayer. The new All-Suite Boutique Hotel in the island’s north is the epitome of comfort with that

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Be a part of the Inuvil Kandasamy Festival in Jaffna


The end of May and the month of June will afford visitors to Jaffna a sight to behold as the Festival at the Inuvil Kandasamy Temple, dedicated to Lord Murugan, gets underway. This is a colorful festival where thousands of Hindu devotees flock to pay obeisance to Lord Murugan. the younger son of Lord Shiva, the main and most revered deity in Hinduism. The almost month-long festivities, which begin on 30th May with the hoisting of the temple flag, ends

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