An All-Suite Boutique hotel in greater Jaffna, can you imagine? Built on over two acres of land, with open green spaces including a courtyard and lawns dotted with luscious green trees in front of every suite. An ancient mango tree stands majestically near the reception as if to welcome you when you check in. The reception a double height expansive space with beautiful timber ceilings. Every morning the hotel team painstakingly create another kolam (a colorfully elegant design done on the ground as a form of welcome) in this place.

The Thinnai has five buildings with terraced (also known as town) houses. Two of them are arranged neatly at the left and right of the lush green courtyard. The one of the left is called the Vaalai suites. These are single bedroom suites with a hall, a bedroom and an attached washroom. Each of the suites on the ground floor have a peaceful outdoor space called the Thinnai, a resting place or verandah usually found at the entrance of traditional Jaffna homes. One can sit on the comfortably cushioned Thinnai in the evening, whist reading a book and enjoying the calming sound of water flowing around the courtyard.

The Vaalai’s upstairs suites are the same as the ones below. But these have private balconies instead, with a lush green tree-lined lawn below. A gentle breeze wafts through these balconies after sunset making them a wonderful place to kick up your feet and chill.

On the opposite side of the courtyard are the Thaamarai suites, with two bedrooms, two washrooms and a hall. The hall is downstairs with a stairway leading upstairs to the two bedrooms and one of the washrooms. One of the bedrooms has a balcony overlooking a lawn lined with trees, just like the Vaalai suites, to sit and relax after sunset. Open the French doors in the hall downstairs and voila! These have the Thinnai as well to enjoy the courtyard from.

The courtyard is by far the loveliest feature in the hotel. It is the first impression you get of what’s in store when you enter the reception. It is a calming, generously sized area covered by a lush green lawn and encircled with water. There is a simple, modern waterfall at the far end as well as several water spouts. These provide the calming sound of moving water while you sit in your own Thinnai.

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